Natural Yoga Dance Class

  • Our class is for beginners, practitioners and yoga instructors who want to enrich and incorporate into their practice, elements of dance and ancestral wisdom. The class will enhance our relationship with the elements of nature and will stimulate our imagination.


  • Description of our practice :: Sensorial Therapy and Dynamic Meditation


Through dance techniques, asanas, mudras, and guided meditation, we will integrate body, mind and soul, to discover together the natural movement that inhabits our body.


During our class we will discover and express the essence of our being, by tunning in with the elements of nature (earth, water, fire, air, ether) and our senses (touch, taste, sight, smell, sound)


  • DNA of the class :: each section of the class will be developed according to the element of nature that we choose to explore.


  1. Finding Stillness

    1. pranayama

    2. mudra

    3. visualization

    4. intention

    5. mantra

  2. Conscious Movement

    1. self massage

    2. warm up

    3. sun salutation

    4. yoga dance

    5. balance postures

  3. Profound Relaxation

    1. ecstatic trance

    2. sensorial therapy

    3. sutra

    4. integration

    5. mantra

her path..

as facilitator :: creatrix 

DharAna Maria started her yoga practice seven years ago. First as an autodidact she learned hatha yoga, then in 2012 she had the opportunity to go deep into her practice during her time in the Eco Yoga Village Ghambira. Here she received training and she started to give classes of Yoga Inbound to the visitors of the village. During her time in college she was part of the contemporary dance group and she started to do dance performances in the streets and theaters. Her curiosity for the possibilities of the body, took her to explore arts like fire poi, aerial silk, acroyoga, african and butoh dance.


In 2014 she traveled to Mexico where she practiced Yoga Vinyassa Flow and offer the first classes of Natural Yoga Dance in a wellness center called Sevana. During her time in Mexico she lived as an apprentice with wisdom keepers, who initiate her in the power of neuro linguistic programing, temazcal, ovary breathing and medicinal plants. 

Now she is an ambassador of Teeki, an eco-conscious activewear yoga community that produces yoga pants, bottoms and mats made of recycled plastic bottles.